There are many arguments for and against #remoteworking – but here at #wowelitecrew – by the very nature of what we do – it is a necessity that works incredibly well for us.

So – you need trust: trust that those to whom you have assigned tasks will indeed deliver those without the distraction of the TV, hungry cat or cleaning out the fridge. There is also the issue of communication – if we are not all in the same room – how can we get on the same page?.

Okay – trust: if you at all feel that you can not trust those you work with to complete and deliver the tasks – find someone else! We all work at different speeds and inspired by the varying hours of daylight – as long as it’s delivered to the standard and with all appropriate methodology, tracking and version control on time – then we at WOW-Elite are of the mind that if you code better standing on your head in your living room than you do stuck in a cramped office with CCTV watching your every move – then please stand on your head. We are all individual.!

Communication? – never has it been easier and more straight forward to communicate as a Crew – ticking off tasks, moving forward towards milestones,sharing files, ideas, inspirations, concerns and solutions. An abundance of great PM tools are out there that facilitate a tidal wave of collective and synergistic drive towards the end delivery.

At WOW-Elite we are less concerned about holing up in an expensive office that only contributes to additional costs to clients – we are definitely up for remote working for it allows those engaged to work at THEIR best pace, in THEIR most inspiring environment. We also firmly believe that the future workplace will not be solely the office – but that more and more companies will realise the value / cost-savings / innovation and flexibility that comes with remote working and so our WOW-Elite crew members are not only gaining invaluable real project experience – but are simultaneously learning the ability to be self-motivated, deliverable-orientated, self-driven task managers and increasingly more productive!

So okay the cat maybe goes a little hungry! – but our Crews know what needs to be done – how to collaborate with other Crew members remotely and all work towards our drive to deliver smart-thinking, cutting-edge, innovative and cost-effective solutions – that are not weighed down by unnecessary costs of office space, commuting and travel costs never mind the out of date standard 9-5 working hours.

Light, lean and stripped down – remote working Crew methodology works for us!

Please expect more on this in the next few months – it is an increasingly important element of what we offer and where we believe the modern workplace is headed.

Now go feed that cat!